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- Gusti italiani -

Welcome in Italy

The project"Meeting the needs of customers
demanding both in terms of product quality and service ".
Italian excellence: unforgettable flavors.
Concept: Tasty, healthy and fast.
Philosophy:  tradition, knowledge, culture and passion.
The flavors change, but there are always fresh and appetizing dishes.

The Project:

Gusti Italiani born in Naples in Italy in March 2007 from a clear and precise idea: "To meet the needs of a demanding clientele both in terms of product quality and service".


In the ever-expanding cities with activities in full swing, with many public offices, private activities, schools, shops, the need to eat fast is a must, the lunch break costs time and money, which too often goes to the detriment of the quality of food and therefore of health. People have little time to eat during their work breaks, but they are tired of having to make do with it, indeed they also want to satisfy their taste and palate, eating healthy and paying the right, without having to choose between: sit in expensive restaurants for then pay too much, or fall back every day on fast food products that in terms of health are not questionable.

That's the world of "Gusti Italiani".

Always looking for the "best" A journey to discover good taste and quality, in order to offer a quality life to our customers and suppliers. "

Freshness every day !!
News day by day !!
Always good, healthy and convenient !!

Gusti italiani
Italian style in the Kitchen
Scultetusweg 35 - 89075 Ulm - DE

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